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About AfriLabs

AfriLabs was founded in 2011 to build a community around rapidly emerging tech hubs―innovation spaces that serve as meeting points and communities for developers, entrepreneurs, and investors.

We believe that supporting the development of the African technology and innovation ecosystem enables Africa to participate in the global knowledge and innovation market place thereby stimulating economic growth.

What We Do!


Insert your content here AfriLabs connects African tech hubs because we believe that if they learn from one another, they will serve their communities better, by creating platforms for our members to communicate, share knowledge, and collaborate.


African tech hubs need resources to support start-ups. AfriLabs builds capacity of hub management teams, to help them identify sustainable revenue streams and their business models. This has been done so far through the AfriLabs Hubs Learning week for Hub Managers which was launched in August 2017, sponsored by Making All Voices Count (MAVC). AfriLabs also partnered with Microsoft 4Afrika to organize a free training for startups on the Microsoft Azure and Bizpark platforms in Lagos, Nigeria in 2017.


Insert your contAs a network, AfriLabs has a handful of core competencies—things we do really well. But we can maximize our impact by partnering with others who are committed to fostering African tech, entrepreneurship and innovation. For example, AfriLabs has organized the AfriLabs Annual Gathering for 2 years running now with partners like Making All Voices Count (MAVC), Microsoft 4Afrika, Facebook, Hivos etc. AfriLabs has also organized ecosystem events like the 1% Club ‘Supersize The Valley’ Conference and the Swedish Program for ICT in Developing Regions (SPIDER) ICT4SI West Africa Workshop in 2017.ent here


AfriLabs is a network organization of 158 innovation centers across 45 African countries. We support hubs to raise successful entrepreneurs that will create jobs and develop innovative solutions to African problems.

AfriLabs objectives are:

  1. To encourage technology, innovation and entrepreneurship in all forms.
  2. To promote the creation of African made technology with a special focus on the social, economic and environmental sectors.
  3. To provide an environment characterized by open collaboration, technical innovation and support for the technological community at large.
  4. Commitment to capacity building, mentorship, networking and forming bonds that will serve as building blocks for the next generation of thinking.

AfriLabs Consulting Services

For Clients – AfriLabs Consulting deploys world-class Affiliate Consultants sourced from across its network of African innovation and technology organizations to deliver expert knowledge and services to organizations looking to gain valuable insights, craft strategies or deliver projects on a country, regional and global scale, in key sectors. Our involvement in the consulting value chain guarantees access to verified talents only and compliance with project quality and timeline. Furthermore, clients gain access to exclusive discounts across supporting services and facilities offered by us and partner organizations.

For Affiliate Consultants – AfriLabs Consulting supports career growth not just by providing access to a constant flow of consulting engagements, but also by connections to career development trainings, personal career reviews and scholarships.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to support the growth of technology hubs and their communities to raise high potential entrepreneurs that will stimulate economic growth and social development in Africa. We aim to achieve this through provision of capacity building resources, financing, mentoring and networking opportunities to our network.

Our Vision

Our vision is an African continent characterized by open collaboration, African made solutions and jobs for all driven by technology, innovation and entrepreneurship.

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